Brussels Airport Traffic Control

This website provides information on air traffic into and out of Brussels Airport.

Runway(s) currently in use

Actual usage

07L 07R 07L

Reason for deviation

Meteorological conditions near the airport in the departure and/or approach path (wind aloft, CB clouds…)

Planned usage

25R 19 25L 25R

A delay of 30 minutes can occur.

: Departure
: Arrival

Actual usage: runway(s) currently in use with the reason why the preferential runway system (PRS) is not applied, if applicable

Planned usage: the runway(s) normally used at this time of day in conformity with the PRS

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Expected runway use for the coming hours

  • 07L 07R 01 07L 07R 01
    A combination of these runways should be used (Runway use canot be forecast with enough accuracy).

    Deviation: Meteorological conditions at the airport (surface wind, low visibility…)

This forecast is purely indicative. The actual runway usage may change at any time due to unforeseen circumstances or unexpected changes in the weather.